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Incoloy® 800H/HT


Nickel-iron-chromium alloys with the same basic composition as INCOLOY® 800 but with much higher creep-rupture strength. The close control of the aluminum, titanium, and carbon contents in conjunction with a high-temperature anneal result in the higher strength. Incoloy® 800 H/HT is used in industrial furnaces, chemical and petrochemical processing, power plants for super-heater and re heater tubing, and heat-treating equipment.

Forms in Stock

  • Pipe
  • Fittings
  • Flanges


UNS N08810/N08811

Smls Pipe ½"-8" 40s, 80s, S/160 ASTM/ASME 167

Limiting Chemical Composition, %

800H 800HT
Ni 30.0-35.0 Ni 30.0-35.0
Fe 39.5 min. Fe 39.5 min.
Cr 19.0-23.0 Cr 19.0-23.0
C 0.05-0.1 C 0.06-0.1
Al 0.15-0.6 Al 0.25-0.6
Ti 0.15-0.6 Ti 0.25-0.6
Al+Ti 0.3-1.2 Al+Ti 0.85-1.2

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